Mobile Parts

Metal Stiffener & Spacer

It is a one-piece precision-machined part working as a reinforcement for firm fixation of FPCB through the precision press and metal + PSA tape lamination.

Shield Can

Metal stamping is a technology that has developed and advanced 30 years since our establishment. Shield Can is a precision-machined part for shield and heat protection. It is shaped with metals through the precision-machining, and attached with PET & PI insulating film upon client's requests through two raw materials (metals + insulating film) lamination.

Accessory Phone Case

It protects from external shocks, dirt, and scratches cute and vivid designs and various color selections to meet demand of smartphone users.

With 20 years or more honed precision injection technology, we have supplied large OEM products and retained various material development and production know-how. We can provide custom designs based on client’s needs and trendy creative design and production, and mass produce stably and quickly by handling mold internally.